Arminius Supports International Brotherhood


On 4 June 2016, Arminius Lodge took an active role in support of Universal Brotherhood Celebration by preparing the S:.W:. and Secretary parts from Arminius Ritual, supplying imported German luxury chocolates, and distributing a brochure about Arminius for the 140th Anniversary of our Lodge (see our website for this brochure on the history of Arminius Lodge). As discussed in the June 2016 Bulletin, Arminius was an early leader in bringing internationally themed Lodges together for an International Masons Celebration (9 June 1993). Yet our Lodge?s interest in celebrating different cultures goes back many years before that, for we read in the Arminius Bulletin of 16 June 1969:

At our last communication, we had again Dave Rosenberg from the Navy Department as speaker, and he showed slides from South America. The Brethren and their ladies were again fascinated by Dave and his ability to talk about his travels and his job. To make it even livelier, he brought some South American costumes and described Peruvian and Columbian [specialities]. . . . After the meeting, some of the Brethren and their wives had a gemütlichen Abend at the Bavarian Restaurant. – Rudy X. Poelsterl, W:.M:.

As we read of this long-ago evening blending U.S., Latin American, and German cultures, we are reminded that — then as now — Arminius Lodge No. 25, F:.A:.A:.M:., appreciates the rich diversity of cultures in our Grand Lodge Jurisdiction and in the world-wide fraternity of Free-Masonry itself.

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