Aus dem Osten – December 2015

Freunde und geliebte Brüder alle!

Three is a number of symbolic significance in Free-Masonry, and with this reflection I accept my election to a third one-year term as Logenmeister of Arminius Lodge No. 25.  I will in turn triple my efforts to promote Masonic ideas and German culture in Arminius Lodge and the relevance of Arminius Lodge to the Masonic and non-Masonic communities outside the portals of the Lodge.  Joining me for the 2016 officer line are: Michael Uebel as 1. Aufseher, John Costanza as 2. Aufseher, J.D. Walker as Sekretär, Gerhard Meinzer as Schatzmeister. Andrew Lawless as 1. Vorsteher, Jon Bouma as 2. Vorsteher, Kenneth Ranney as 1. Schaffner and Senior Ruitualist, John Wimmel as Kaplan, and Manfred Juschke as Beobachter.  I have asked Chad Reichard to fulfill a special role as Arminius Lodge Liaison to Germania Lodge, Baltimore, and Hermann-Humboldt Lodge, Philadelphia, respectively, as I wish to build and strengthen relations in 2016 with the other German-speaking Lodges in the Mid-Atlantic region.

On 21 December, we will be having an open installation in the German-language, so please invite friends who have an interest in Free-Masonry or German culture.  This is a unique opportunity to showcase our Craft as well as the unique role Arminius plays in District of Columbia Free-Masonry.  As a special honour to Arminius Lodge this year, Ken Fuller, the incoming Grand Master of Masons of the District of Columbia, will be the installing officer.  Officers are requested to wear white gloves and tuxedos or black suits for Installation.

Finally, I wish all of you fröhliche Weihnachten and happy holidays!

Mit brüderlichen Grüßen,

Mark Dreisonstok, Meister vom Stuhl

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