Aus dem Osten – Oktober 2015

Freunde und geliebte Brüder alle!

It was wonderful to see many Arminius members at our last Stated Communication (which included a fascinating presentation by Walter Benesh on Josephine Baker).  Several of the Arminius Brethren and their wives were also present at the Grand Lodge Masonic Family picnic in the former Bumper-Car Pavilion area at Glen Echo Park.  Our next Stated Communication features John Bozeman, Dean at the American College of Commerce and Technology, who will take on the unusual task of linking technology with moral and spiritual development.  I have heard this talk and am confident you will find it of great interest. Remember you can – and should! — invite guests to this and all presentations at Arminius Lodge unless it otherwise stated.

Please note that there are changes in dues and that there is an entirely new mechanism for calculating dues.  These changes in dues take into account our operating costs as well as separate out Grand Lodge Assessments.  Further information can be found in the October printed Bulletin.

Finally, thanks go out to Mrs. Ellen Walker for making Apfelstrudel to represent Arminius Lodge and German culture on the culinary level at last June’s International Brotherhood Event.

I look forward to seeing all of you at our meeting on 19 October!    

 Mit brüderlichen Grüßen,

Mark Dreisonstok, E:. M:. vom Stuhl

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