History and Purpose of Arminius Lodge

Arminius-Loge Nr. 25, die deutschsprachige Freimaurerloge von Washington, D.C., arbeitet nach der Satzung und dem Ritual der Großloge des District of Columbia. Sie hat sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, freimaurerische Ideale von Toleranz und Humanität zu unterstützen und das Interesse an der deutschen Kultur und Sprache zu fördern.

From Rough to Perfect Ashlar: Arminius Lodge room, where Masonic philosophy, philanthropy, and German culture are realized through symbol, word, and ritual. Weisheit, or wisdom, is found in the East of all Lodges, regardless of the language of ritual.

Arminius Lodge was founded in 1876 under the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons (F:.A:.A:.M:.) of the District of Columbia. The nineteenth century saw a thriving German immigrant community in Washington, D.C., and German-language newspapers such as the Washington Journal, churches such as the Vereinigte Kirche, and fraternities such as Arminius Lodge were founded to serve the interests of this community and provide continuity of culture and language from the Old World into the Nation’s Capital. During its 137-year history, Arminius Lodge has had a unique dual-mission: the promotion of Masonic ritual, philanthropy, and philosophy in the German language as well as the fostering of German culture and language more generally.


The founding of Arminius Lodge coincided with the establishment of other German-speaking Masonic Lodges in the United States. Because the United States does not have an American Grand Lodge, other German-language Masonic Lodges are under Grand Lodges of other other States. One of these lodges, Germania Lodge in Baltimore, Maryland, has a close association with Arminius Lodge dating back to the nineteenth century, with regular mutual visitations and visitations to Baltimore’s Zion Lutheran Church. As Germania Lodge came into existence before Arminius Lodge, this may be why the Brethren of Arminius chose not to adopt an identical or similar name to Germania Lodge. In the next section, read about our namesake — the Germanic hero Arminius.



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